Moving tourist cabins to Route 37 in Morristown

Moving Boats and Buildings in the North Country

Buildings are things that stay in one place. Boats only move on the water. But gathered here are a few exceptions: boats being moved by train, barns being rolled away with logs, cabins being hoisted by crane, and many more. For an extreme example, check out our story on how the entire town of Benson Mines was […]

Officer Nason with Tupper Lake Police Department’s K-9 Unit in Tupper

Policing the North Country Throughout the Years

From hand-directing traffic to driving technology-loaded cruisers, policing has changed a lot since the early 1900s. This collection of photos shows the development of policing around our region.

Dan Josephson tending to a trap net in Old Forge

Restoring Fish Populations in Old Forge

Fishery biologist Dan Josephson has been working in the Old Forge area for almost 40 years, researching acid rain and trying to replenish Adirondack fish populations. Collected here are photos of Dan and his team at work. For more information, check out our story on Dan here.

Passengers on the ferry between Ogdensburg and Prescott

A Century of Ferries in the North Country

Ferries have been used across the North Country for years, but recently, the construction of large bridges like the ones across the St. Lawrence have made ferries less common. Collected here are photos of passenger ferries operating in the 19th and 20th centuries. For more information, check out our story on running ferries on the […]

Thousand Island bridge under construction at Wellesley Island

Building Bridges in the North Country

There’s a lot of water in the North Country, and as a result, there are a lot of bridges. Larger, newer ones, like the Ogdensburg-Prescott International bridge that reaches across the St. Lawrence, were long, complicated endeavors. Older, smaller bridges were built out of wood by smaller crews. Below is a collection of bridge-building photos […]

Baxter and Crowe loading hay in Heuvelton

Harvesting hay by hand around the North Country

When you think of haying, you probably envision a complicated operation using an array of tractors and machines. But for most of the North Country’s history, haying was done with a wagon and a pitchfork. Workers would pile hay with expert skill, building enormous mounds balanced precariously atop their wagons. Here are some of those photos.

Carrying lumber by sea plane in the Town of Webb

Seaplanes in the Adirondacks

Thick forests and deep snow make many parts of the Adirondacks hard to access. Enter the seaplane. With floats instead of landing wheels, these planes could land anywhere with a sizable body of water, giving increased access to many parts of the Adirondacks park. As a result, seaplanes were used to do everything from stocking fish to […]

Pine Camp troops in formation in Jefferson County

Pine Camp, now Fort Drum, in the 1930s and 40s

Pine Camp, a military base in Jefferson County, started in 1908. It was renamed Camp Drum in 1951, and finally Fort Drum in 1974. At all stages it was used for winter military training and was home to the 10th Mountain Division. Here is a collection of photos taken at Pine Camp between 1930 and 1950.

Scaling logs in the Adirondacks

Log stacks across the North Country

Logging is an essential part of the North Country’s history. For years, men stacked logs atop wagons and bobsleds and pulled them where they needed to go. They would also pile them beside rivers and then release them, floating the logs downriver to their destination. Collected here are photos of these log stacks from across the […]

Jane Garvey posting transactions at the Champlain National Bank in Willsboro

Inside branches of the Champlain National Bank

These North Country at Work photos come to us from Jacqueline Hallock, who submitted them via the [email protected] website – they’re all from inside branches of the Champlain National Bank, ranging from the 1950s to the early 1970s. Take a look at tellers hand filing checks, posting transactions to the General Ledger, and working the […]