Armed Forces in the North Country

Firing cannons, digging trenches, and driving tanks through downtown Heuvelton are just a couple of things armed forces have been up to in our region. There has been a strong military presence in Watertown and Plattsburgh dating back to the 19th century. Gathered here are photos of the armed forces in our region from the 1890s […]

Offices of The Hammond Advertiser in Hammond

Printing Newspapers Across the North Country

Before digital printing, there was the hot type press. Printing the local newspaper involved complicated metal machinery and clouds of smoke. Here are some photos of this process. For more information, check out our story on printing at the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Telephone operator taking calls in Colton

Operating Telephone Switchboards in the North Country

Not too long ago, making a phone call meant talking to an operator. The operator sat in front of a wall full of little holes, each representing different lines. As calls came in, they plugged cords in and out of the switchboard. Collected here are photos of people doing just. For more information, check out […]

Quarrying Marble in Gouverneur

This collection of photos comes from Gouverneur at the turn of the 20th century, when marble was the economic driver of the town. Gouverneur marble was  known for its high quality and was shipped all over the United States. Nicknamed “Marble City,” the town was home to nine companies at the height of production. For […]

Winding Paper Inside Newton Falls Paper Mill

Audio Stories from Cranberry Lake

From putting out forest fires to working in paper mills, Cranberry Lake residents have been hard at work for generations. Check out audio stories from the Cranberry Lake area here.

Soper Brothers with their ice sled in the Soper garage in Hammond

Audio Stories from Hammond

Collected here are work stories about Hammond residents past and present. Explore the history of this small town, from cleaning up oil spills to catching sturgeon.

Audio stories from Long Lake

Collected here are some of the photos and stories brought into our Long Lake Collection event in May of 2018, held at the CVW Long Lake Public Library. From nursing to running a small school library, these are some of the work experiences of Long Lake residents, from the past and the present.

An Adirondack guide and his guide boat at Twitchell Lake in the Town of Webb

Wilderness Guides in the North Country

Hunting, fishing, and boating — guides can help you do it all! For over a century, men and women who love being out in the wilderness have made their living by guiding tourists through it. Here are some of those photos.

Conservation officer Milene on Lake Champlain at Point Au Roche near Plattsburg

Conservation Officers Across the North Country

Mountains, forests, wildlife – the North Country has a lot of natural beauty. Since the early 1900s, conservation officers have worked to protect the natural wonders around our region. Compiled here are photos of conservation officers on the job.