Strife’s logging operation loading logs onto GMC truck in the Town of Webb

Clarence J. Strife’s logging operation in the Town of Webb in the 1950s

This collection of photos represents Clarence J. Strife’s logging operation circa the 1950s, and comes from the Goodsell Museum in Old Forge, which covers the history of the Town of Webb in Herkimer County. All the photos were taken in the Carter Railroad Station area, previously the hamlet of Clearwater, in the Town of Webb. Trucks, […]

Logger with peavey in the Town of Webb

Breaking a log jam in the Town of Web in the 1920s

A small collection of photos from the Goodsell Museum in Old Forge in the Town of Webb, illustrating a spring logging drive in the 1920s. Specifically, loggers are working to break up a “log jam”, when cut logs floating downriver got caught and needed to be broken up so that they could continue on to […]

The Humes’ Sugar Bush in Harrisville

Warren Humes came from a long line of Massachusetts hunters, but he moved to the Harrisville area in Lewis County in 1856. He cleared land, built a cabin, got married and had eight children. Warren made his living hunting until the 1880s, when he opened a hunting and fishing hotel called “Forest Home”. With no […]

Republic Steel mines in Mineville in the 1940s

This collection of photos is courtesy of the Adirondack History Museum in Elizabethtown. They all depict the interior and exterior of mines operated by Republic Steel from 1939 to 1971 in the hamlet of Mineville in the town of Moriah.