North Country at Work: An Adirondack Guideboat builder on sweat, shovels and sanding - lots of sanding

(Feb 4, 2020) The Adirondack Guideboat is a very particular craft. They’re made of wood and thousands of screws and tacks. They’re wider than a canoe, and rowed instead of paddled. They’re only used in the Adirondacks, and they were the boat of choice for professional guides in the 19th and 20th centuries. Very few people still build and repair them, but Chris Woodward is one of those people. He owns The Woodward Boat Shop in Saranac Lake, and his love of guideboats goes back pretty far. He grew up in Paul Smiths (and attended the college, too) and even as a kid, he was obsessed with guideboats. But he knew they were expensive, so: [full story]

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