The New Windsor Hotel in Clayton

The New Windsor Hotel, in Clayton NY. The hotel was originally called the Potter House and was constructed prior to 1884 by Mr. A. Potter. It was later called the West End while under the proprietorship of John Unser. In the 1890s, it was refurbished and called the New Windsor, which burned down in 1906. This photograph was taken in 1898, when the Truxton Coaching Club (owner of the stagecoach pictured) was in Clayton. Picture includes two women riding in coach who were married to local Clayton businessmen. Mrs. Gertrude (Swart) Burlingame and Mrs. Mary (Swart) Dewey were sisters and are riding on the back seat of the coach. Hotel was located on the corner of Water Street and Riverside Drive. Circa 1898. Clayton, NY. From the Thousand Islands Museum.

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