The Hubbard House in Clayton

This is a picture of the Hubbard House Hotel. The central figure in the picture is Mr. Hubbard. The hotel was located on James Street. The original building was built around 1845 and was owned by John and James Hubbard. In the early 1870s, James bought out his brother and brought his bride Eleanor Martin Hubbard to the hotel. James died as a young man in 1891, and his wife ran the hotel alone, enlarging it with a two story annex in June 1895. Shortly after the annex was completed on July 11, 1895 a fire broke out – the annex was saved but the rest of the Hubbard House was destroyed along with almost all the other buildings on the block. Mrs. Hubbard rebuilt with a brick building and reopened in the summer of 1896. Disaster struck again in 1909 when sparks from a fire struck and burned the annex down. The annex was never rebuilt, but Mrs. Hubbard operated the business until 1921, when she sold the property to Andrew Keough. Two years later, he sold to Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bertrand, owners of the Herald House. Photo circa 1880s. Clayton, NY. From the Thousand Islands Museum.

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