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The old covered bridge in Dexter

Known as the old “long” bridge, built in 1848, it was replaced at the turn of the century. Circa 1880s. Photo owned by Addie B. Alverson; donated circa January 10, 1950. On the left is the old grist mill on south side of river. Dexter, NY.

Dexter Sulfite Mill workers in Dexter

Dexter Sulfite Mill workers. Circa 1940. Dexter, NY. With the photo, we have the following list of names–but it is not clear who is who. If you can identify any of these men, let us know. Charles Hayes, Superintendent ┬áJack Farrel, Schenller (sic, Schneller?) — do you know what this title meant? (In German, “schnell” […]

Sulfite Mill bosses and workers in Dexter

Employees in Dexter Sulfite Mill, which was the first in the US to make pulp through a chemical process using sulfuric acid, called the Mitscherlich process. Donated by Bernard Burke. Circa 1900. Dexter, NY. Editor’s Note: The information below was taken from an article we scanned from the Dexter Historical Association. We cannot find an […]