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Baptist Church in Plattsburgh burns

Baptist Church on fire in Plattsburgh

Structure fire at Baptist Church on Oak Street in Plattsburgh. Crowd gathered at side with visible firefighters fighting flames with hoses. 1920s or 1930s. Plattsburgh, NY. Clinton County Historical Association. Brewer Collection.

Reverend Ferguson at the front of a church in Hammond

Reverend Ferguson preaching at the Presbyterian church in Hammond

Reverend Dr. Daniel Ferguson stands by the pulpit in Hammond’s Presbyterian Church. He was pastor for nearly 50 years. Circa 1923. Hammond, NY. Listen to Nancy Seeley, Revered Ferguson’s granddaughter, on her family’s stories about the Reverend, including about how he got parishioners to his island home, the church burning in 1915, his hectic Sunday service […]

Interior of a Methodist Episcopal Church in Oswegatchie

Interior of a Methodist Episcopal Church in Oswegatchie

Written on photo: M.E. CHURCH JUNE 27 – 09 OSWEGATCHIE N.Y. Pictured is the interior of a Methodist Episcopal Church, looking towards the altar. A man stands behind a podium with IOF shield. The IOF was the International Order of Foresters. A large American flag is draped above him. Taken June 27, 1909.  Oswegatchie, NY.

Interior of St. Hubert’s Roman Catholic Church in Benson Mines

Interior of St. Hubert’s Roman Catholic Church in Benson Mines

Interior of the Roman Catholic Church sanctuary. A priest stands in front of empty pews. This church building was moved in the 1930s to Star Lake. Circa 1900-1910. Benson Mines, NY. Real Photo Postcard by Henry M. Beach. Click here to read our story on how Henry M. Beach captured the North Country in his […]

First evangelist preacher in Philadelphia

The first evangelist preacher to preach at the tabernacle in Philadelphia was E.C. Crabill pictured here with his wife in 1914. Crabill was also a professional baseball player. The Tabernacle was built in 1914 and was the first in the North Country. It was located on the site of the present Elementary School in Philadelphia. […]

Playing the organ at Zion Episcopal Church in Colton

Myrtle Bullis playing the organ at Colton’s Zion Episcopal Church, where she had been organist for 62 years when this photo was taken in 1963. She began playing in 1901. Colton, NY. North Country at Work has a story about a man who restores organs, pianos, and player pianos. Check it out here.