Type of Work: Government Services

Forest rangers shake hands

Conservation Commissioner thanks forest ranger for service in North Creek

Forest ranger PJ Cunningham (middle) being thanked for 50 years of service to the state. Cunningham is shaking hands with Conservation Commissioner Lithgow Osborne. Forest ranger Art Draper on right. Cunningham was credited with playing an important role in the development of conservation efforts in New York State. North Creek, NY. 1939. Photo courtesy of […]

Jim LaFarr on becoming a police officer in Warren County

Jim LaFarr has worked in the Warren County Sheriffs Office his entire career. He says the Sheriffs office was the only place he ever applied, because he wanted to be able to serve his hometown, Queensbury. He started as a uniformed officer and has worked his way up through the ranks of the Sheriffs Office. […]

George Hare working on restoration project in Bloomingdale

Former New York State Adirondack Park Agency maintenance supervisor George Hare works on a soffit restoration project in the workshop of his Bloomingdale home. June 2019. Bloomingdale, NY. Photo taken by Andy Flynn. You can read and listen to George’s full story here. 

Town Supervisor Noel Merrihew on his work in Elizabethtown

The job of town supervisor is technically to be the town’s financial officer and to attend state meetings – but Noel Merrihew says there’s also a lot of work on the ground. Merrihew has been the town supervisor for Elizabethtown on and off since 2002. He describes some of the behind-the-scenes work he does to […]

The Counter at the Essex County Clerk’s Office

Working the Counter at the Essex County Clerk’s Office

A worker at the Essex County Clerk’s office helping someone with paperwork. The clerk’s office helps with everything from passports to county records to pistol permits. 2019. Elizabethtown, NY. Courtesy of Joe Provoncha. Joe Provoncha has served as the Essex County Clerk for 28 years. Listen to his story in the audio clip!

Construction on the Tupper Lake High School

Construction on the Tupper Lake High School

The Tupper Lake High School under reconstruction to remove leaking towers. The school is located on Chaney Ave. 1955. Tupper Lake, NY. Photo courtesy of the Goff-Nelson Memorial Library.