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Crushing stone in the Huggard Pit near Stark

Pictured is the Huggard Pit, located near Stark in Town of Colton, NY, which crushed stone for making concrete. Edson A. Martin Construction Company supplied aggregates for the construction of Niagara Mohawk’s Raquette River development in the 1950s.

Driving the “Weasel” at the Snow Bowl in South Colton

Ervin “Ike” Rutley of Colton driving the “weasel” at the Saint Lawrence Snow Bowl in South Colton, NY, January 27, 1965. Ike is pictured at the wheel of the weasel, which he used to pack the hill, make trails, and prepare the jumping areas. Students pictured, left to right, are Dick Hanson, Doug Jones, and […]