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Van Heuvel House in Heuvelton

Van Heuvel House (a hotel) in the winter of 1866, at the top of State Street in Heuvelton. Just in front of it was the railroad crossing. The building was torn down in 1959 to make way for a Tydol Gasoline Station. 1866. Heuvelton, NY.

Selling cigars in the Hotel Heuvelton in Heuvelton

Eugene Gray and Alva Robinson standing behind the cigar case at the Hotel Heuvelton (also known as the Van Heuvel Hotel). Note the handwritten train schedule on top of the door, and the advertisement for soft drink Moxie on the wall above them, which they sold because they couldn’t sell alcohol. Circa 1925. Heuvelton, NY. […]

The Snyder House and Breckenridge & Snyder corner store in Heuvelton

The Snyder House (middle) and Breckenridge & Snyder corner store which sold McCormick Harvesting machinery. They were located across the Oswegatchie River from Pickens Hall. The Snyder House was operated by John Snyder, son of Samuel and Sally Snyder. Circa 1880s. Heuvelton, NY.

National Hotel taxi in Carthage

National Hotel taxi outside the hotel. Elmer Bradway was the owner of the hotel when this photo was taken in 1899. Carthage, NY.