Type of Work: Manufacturing, Mills, and Factories

Carthage Machine Company engineer with cylindrical chip screen in Carthage

Rollin I. Skinner, chief draftsmen of the Carthage Machine Company, standing at the edge of a cylindrical chip screen which was manufactured by the company in the mid-1920s. The side of their building on West End Avenue had to be torn out to get it out for shipment. Circa 1920s. Carthage, NY. From a booklet […]

McNeil Boiler Works employees in Carthage

Workers of McNeil Boiler Works in front of the Cook Water Tube Boiler. Circa 1900. Carthage, NY. From a Carthage Souvenir Book in the archives of the Carthage Free Library’s Heritage Room. Check out this North Country at Work story to learn more about the history of Carthage’s working class.