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Gerald Heath sits on iceboat

Caretaker Gerald Heath with iceboat at Singer Castle in Chippewa Bay

Gerald Heath, caretaker at Dark Island, sits on his iceboat. Heath built the iceboat out of plywood and attached a small airplane propeller to the back. He used the boat to get from the island to the mainland during the winter. Circa 1950s or early 1960s. Chippewa Bay, NY. Photo courtesy of Doug Heath.

Ski instructor Natalie Leduc

Ski instructor Natalie Leduc in Saranac Lake

Ski instructor Natalie Leduc at Pisgah Mountain. Saranac Lake, NY. 1955. Photo courtesy of Natalie Leduc. During the five decades of her working life, Saranac Lake native Natalie Leduc wore a lot of hats: ski, instructor, substitute physical education teacher, rug salesman, lifeguard, swimming instructor, and finally real estate agent. Listen to the highs and […]

Erica Burns with horse Clover

North Country School Barn Manager with horse in Lake Placid

The North Country School’s Barn Manager Erica Burns with Clover, one of the school’s horses. Lake Placid, NY. March 2021. Photo by Andy Flynn. Burns has been the barn manager at the North Country School for over three years. Check out her North Country at Work story here.

Logger Evan Nahor checking his equipment

Evan Nahor poses with large logging equipment. Circa 2020. Long Lake, NY. Photo courtesy of Evan Nahor. Read more about Nahor’s logging career here: https://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/news/story/43160/20210224/north-country-at-work-an-adirondack-logger-keeps-working-in-the-woods

Logging with a Model T in the William C. Whitney Wilderness Area in Long Lake

Logging with a Model T in the William C. Whitney Wilderness Area in Long Lake

Two men in the process of logging (using a Model T as a power source) in the William C. Whitney Wilderness Area. Note from donor Patricia Quinn: “From my Great Grandfather Earnest Halsey Johnson Family Albums”. Circa 1910-1920. On the William C. Whitney Wilderness Area, in the town of Long Lake, Hamilton County. Donated by […]

Mohawk Raising Gang on the Goldman Sachs Tower

Mohawk Raising Gang on the Goldman Sachs Tower

Ironworkers Darryl Lazore, Eugene Tarbell, Jerry Jackson, Freddy Mitchell, who were all part of a “raising gang”, a group that worked together to build the Goldman Sachs Tower. Winter 2001. Jersey City, New Jersey. Courtesy of Darryl Lazore.