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Public Works office in Town Hall, Watertown

Pictured at the Public Works office in the Town Hall basement, West Side are: Charles M. Letman, public works, Stanley Ward, clerk, Norman Reed, and Osborn, sidewalk inspector. Circa 1900-1910. Watertown, NY.

Muriel Beseth at WNBZ in Saranac Lake

Secretary Muriel Beseth, who worked at WNBZ for 45 years at the WNBZ studios located at the Berkeley Hotel. Circa 1970. Saranac Lake, NY. Photo donated by Chris Brescia, who was a radio engineer at the station. Related story here.

Office in Limerick Cheese Plant in Dexter

Limerick Cheese Plant (unknown) worker in factory office. Late 1950s. Dexter, NY. Photo from Dexter village historian John Stano whose family members worked in the plant. The plant closed in the mid-1960s.

First National Bank of Dexter in Dexter

First National Bank of Dexter (now Key Bank), at the west corner of Brown and Water Streets. The bank was organized in 1906 with an initial capital stock of $30,000. This building opened in 1913. March 1925. Dexter, NY.

The First National Bank of Heuvelton in Heuvelton

The First National Bank of Heuvelton opening for business on October 6, 1913. In 1963 it merged with St. Lawrence National Bank of Canton, and that was eventually taken over by Community Bank. Heuvelton, NY.

First National Bank of Heuvelton employees in Heuvelton

Interior of the First National Bank of Heuvelton. Pictured from left to right are Charles S. Bourdon, Stanley Lake, and Forrest Wood. July 8, 1930. Heuvelton, NY. Donated to the Heuvelton Historical Society by Beverly Bourdon Tunison of Chippewa Bay.

Canton First National Bank offices in Canton

Canton First National Bank located at the corner of Hodskin and Main, circa 1900, Canton, NY. One can see evidence of the transition between kerosene lamps and electric lighting, and between ledger keeping and typewriters.