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Walter Benedict on Ironworking in Akwesasne

Walter Benedict started ironworking at the age of 17 and spent his career travelling the country to build skyscrapers. He said that ironworking was demanding, but just a job like any other.  Read or listen to his full North Country at Work story here.

Kylee Mitchell Gibson packs cones at dispensary

Bud-tender packs cones at dispensary in Akwesasne

Bud-tender Kylee Mitchell Gibson packing cones for pre-rolled joints at the Six Bears Dispensary. In her hands is a device called a six-shooter or a bump box that allows people to pack multiple cones at a time. August 4, 2021. Akwesasne. Photo courtesy of Kylee Mitchell Gibson.

Talia Cook models outfit

Talia Cook models Mohawk regalia in New York City

Talia Cook modelling an outfit and strawberry jewelry set made by Marlana Thompson Baker at the Dress to Kilt runway fashion show. 2021. New York City, New York. Photo courtesy of Marlana Thompson Baker.

Students butchering a pig

Butchering a pig at the Akwesasne Freedom School

Teacher Iawentas Nanticoke (left), Ierennanihsaks Nanticoke (center) and Iaonhawinon, Akwesasne Freedom School alum, butcher, and chef (right) butcher a pig. Akwesasne. February 2019. Photo courtesy of the Akwesasne Freedom School.