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Child in car in front of grocery store

Ste Marie’s Grocery Store in downtown Indian Lake

A young Gary Purdue sits inside the family car in front of Ste Marie’s grocery store in the Village of Indian Lake. Late 1940s. Indian Lake, NY. Photograph by Frederick N. Purdue, Jr. Courtesy of Frederick Purdue.

DiOrio's staff

Staff of DiOrio’s Supermarket in Old Forge

The staff of DiOrio’s supermarket in front of the produce cooler. Owner Bob DiOrio is on the far left. Old Forge, NY. Photo courtesy of DiOrio’s supermarket. To learn about how grocers across the North Country adapted during the pandemic, check out this North Country at Work story.

Loading box into delivery van

Loading the Green Goddess delivery van in Lake Placid

Woman loads box into the delivery van of Green Goddess Natural Foods. The van had been used for catering services, but after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was used for a daily grocery delivery service to help people shelter at home. Lake Placid, NY. March 2020. Photo courtesy of Tammy Loewy. To learn […]

Sanitizing a cooler

Sanitizing coolers at Nori’s Village Market in Saranac Lake

Man sanitizes a cooler at Nori’s Village Market. After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, they started taking two hours to clean the store each morning. Saranac Lake, NY. 2020. Photo courtesy of Presley Ransom. For more on how grocers across the North Country adapted during the pandemic, check out this North Country at Work […]

Vickie Sandiford at pick-up window

Vickie Sandiford at the ADK Trading Post pick-up window in Long Lake

Owner and operator of the ADK Trading Post, Vickie Sandiford, at the store’s pickup window. Sandiford closed the convenience store and gift shop at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic but reopened in April 2020 using a porch pick-up system. Long Lake, NY. 2020. Photo courtesy of Vickie Sandiford. See the full story on how the […]