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Tending chickens in Philadelphia

Woman with her chicken flock. Tending the chicken flock was traditionally women’s and children’s work on the farm. Circa 1920s. Philadelphia, NY area.

Woman farmer driving dump rake in Philadelphia

Woman driving wooden wheeled dump rake.Horse is wearing fly net to keep flies off as it worked. Circa 1920s. Philadelphia, NY area. Note windrow (you can see it through spokes of wheel). After dump raking, hay would either be picked up with a hayloader and put on wagons for off-loading in a hay mow, or […]

Horse drawn grain binder in Heuvelton

Horse drawn grain binder in transport position. Binders would be moved from farm to farm and used to bind grain, so that each individual farmer need not own one. Dump rake on fence. Circa 1880s. Heuvelton, NY.

Greenhill Dairy Farm in Heuvelton

James Chambers (left) and William Green milking cows at Greenhill Dairy Farm at Northrups Corners. Circa 1940s. Heuvelton, NY. Related story here; the audio clip is about Heuvelton’s dairying history, and is from Dave Kingsley.

Oat threshing machine in Heuvelton

Pictured is a threshing machine for oats. An unidentified man feeds oats in at one side, the finished grain is deposited into a wheel barrow, and is finally moved via elevator into the building on the right. August, 1962. Heuvelton, NY.