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Neighbors help farmer Sydney Lonsdale near Dexter

16 neighbors brought their tractors and plows to plow the 35-acre field of Sydney Lonsdale who had been ill for six weeks and couldn’t do his autumn plowing. Those who took part were: Paul Williams, Clifford Bowman, Harry Williams, Everett White, Chester Lee, Winfred Weaver, Emmett Poole, Ross Sykes, Frank Adams, Ernest Middlestate, Edwin Eveleigh, […]

Millinery and Fancy Dry Goods in Heuvelton

Unidentified man in front of Millinery and Fancy Dry Goods store, which was built by George Seaman and later owned by the Lanning Family. Finally demolished by Henry Ferris in the fall of 1912. In the spring of 1913, Henry Ferris built a new store, which became Doug’s Tavern. Circa 1900. Heuvelton, NY.

Pickens Hall during Turkey Day in Heuvelton

Exterior shot of Pickens Hall during Heuvelton’s Turkey Day. Pickens Hall was built in 1858 by John Pickens, Sr. The stone came from the Ridge Hill Quarry, located between Heuvelton and Ogdensburg. 1898. Heuvelton, NY. Listen to the audio clip for more on Turkey Day; you can read the North Country at Work story with […]

Mayne Brothers Cider Mill in Heuvelton

Exterior of the Mayne Brothers Cider Mill, with last owner/operator Fred Crawford pictured on the far left. The Mill, which pressed apples into cider for customers, closed in the late 1950s. Circa 1950s. Heuvelton, NY.

The First National Bank of Heuvelton in Heuvelton

The First National Bank of Heuvelton opening for business on October 6, 1913. In 1963 it merged with St. Lawrence National Bank of Canton, and that was eventually taken over by Community Bank. Heuvelton, NY.

State Street in Heuvelton

Heuvelton’s main street (also known as State Street) and business center. Circa the late 1940s. Heuvelton, NY.

Turkey Day in 1895 in Heuvelton

An early “turkey day” in Heuvelton—the largest and usually best market for local turkey farmers. Farmers waiting with their turkeys–for appraisal and purchase–in a line towards the railroad station. A car load of knocked down boxes would arrive to be distributed to the different buyers. These boxes were large enough to hold eighteen medium sized […]