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Putting out a barge fire in Ogdensburg

Firefighters putting out a fire on a barge which was partially sunken in the St. Lawrence River near the ACCO manufacturing plant, just outside Ogdensburg. 1978. Ogdensburg, NY.

Peat dredge in Heuvelton

The Heuvelton peat dredge, which was briefly used to bring up peat from Black Lake as fuel for the town’s mill, was not a very successful operation, as the dredge sank at the juncture of the Oswegatchie River and Black Lake. Circa 1905. Heuvelton, NY.

Commercial steamboat in Heuvelton

A ferry and commercial side wheeler steamboat which went between Heuvelton and Black Lake/Edwardsville, all the way to Rossie and occasionally Ogdensburg. The steamboat transported milk and people, stopping at numerous places along the river. Circa 1880s. Heuvelton, NY. Photo donated by Betty Steele of Ogdensburg.

Coast Guard breaking ice in St. Lawrence River

Coast Guard buoy tender the “White Lupine” breaking ice in St. Lawrence River, between Ogdensburg and Lake Ontario. Buoys were being placed in anticipation of April opening of the Seaway. Circa 1960. Ogdensburg, NY. Originally in the Ogdensburg Advance Journal.