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Stu Kuby on restoring the Strand Theatre in Glens Falls

Stu Kuby is a songwriter and record producer who has worked in New York City, Los Angeles and Vancouver. He moved to Glens Falls in 2002, and in 2010 he founded Hudson River Music Hall Productions, Inc. alongside Professor Nicholas Buttino, musician/composer Jonathan Newell, and community member Judith Johnson in Hudson Falls. They founded Hudson […]

Jim LaFarr on becoming a police officer in Warren County

Jim LaFarr has worked in the Warren County Sheriffs Office his entire career. He says the Sheriffs office was the only place he ever applied, because he wanted to be able to serve his hometown, Queensbury. He started as a uniformed officer and has worked his way up through the ranks of the Sheriffs Office. […]

Historian Teri Rogers on building a historical organization that looks to the future

From newspaper caption: Teri Rogers (in 2007, Teri Ulrich-Gay) and Lori Calderon (left) selling and autographing copies of ‘Malta Memories’, a compilation of personal writings by local authors by Malta Town Historian, Teri Ulrich-Gay. Photo printed in the Ballston Journal December 6, 2007. Copy of photo provided by Teri Rogers. Teri Podnorski Rogers was born […]

Tisha Dolton on outreach at the Crandall Public Library

Patricia “Tisha” Dolton has worked a lot of jobs. Along the way she’s scooped ice cream, been a line cook, and bought books for a major book retailer. Finally, she landed at the Crandall Public Library, where she worked as outreach coordinator. In 2019, she made the transition to Historian and Reference Librarian in The […]

Chef Gary Fairchild flambéing dessert at the Hiland Golf Club in Glens Falls

Chef Gary Fairchild flambéing dessert at the Hiland Golf Club in Glens Falls

Chef Gary Fairchild flambéing dessert at the Hiland Golf Club (currently the Hiland Park Country Club). Fairchild has worked in and around Glens Falls as a chef for over fifteen years. 2003. Glens Falls, NY. Donated by Gary Fairchild. Chef Gary Fairchild has lived and worked in the Glens Falls area for nearly two decades. […]

Paul Cook on air traffic control at the Dexter International Airport

Aerial shot of the Dexter International Airport, circa 1970s. Photo donated by Paul Cook. Paul Cook always worked in and around Watertown, but not always doing the same thing. He spent twenty years as a cost clerk at Hall Ski-Lift, and seventeen years as an Office Promotion Clerk at Fort Drum. But he also read […]

Jill Hewitt Johnson on work as a dental hygienist at Watertown Correctional

Jill Hewitt Johnson is 80 years old, and lives in a retirement community in Watertown. She became a dental hygienist in the North Country, worked all over the United States as a hygienist and in dental education, and spent the last seventeen years of her career at Watertown Correctional, a medium security prison with about […]