Type of Work: Extractive and Mining Industries

Jones Cut Stone Company owners in Gouverneur

Perry & Jones are mentioned in the information accompanying this photo—perhaps the two men in suits on left and right of photo. Jones Cut Stone Company, 1936-1941. Gouverneur, NY.

Marble quarry in Gouverneur

Marble quarry in Gouverneur, which was known as “Marble City” at the time. 1898. Gouverneur, NY. Check out our story on how marble built Gouverneur.

Simons Coal & Supply Company in Gouverneur

Mr. Simons is standing on front steps; Robert Smith is the truck driver. Located at East Main Street, coal towers on left, and freight depot in the background. 1927. Gouverneur, NY.

View of Dexter looking northwest from Fish Island

View of Dexter looking northwest from Fish Island, which was the original name of Dexter. (People went fishing at this location.) Notice the river channel in foreground, crossed by steel “short bridge.” The Sulfite Paper mill is in the left background. The canal that goes through downtown is visible on right. Company houses in center […]