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Natalie Leduc Skiing at Whiteface

Former ski instructor Natalie Leduc skiing at Whiteface. Circa 1980. Wilmington, NY. Courtesy of Natalie Leduc. During the five decades of her working life, Saranac Lake native Natalie Leduc wore a lot of hats: ski, instructor, substitute physical education teacher, rug salesman, lifeguard, swimming instructor, and finally real estate agent. Listen to the highs and […]

Volunteering as an EMT in Saranac Lake

Mary Brown volunteered for Saranac Lake Rescue as an EMT for 21 years, starting in 1993. She also served on the board for six years. Now that she says she’s aged out of being an EMT, she still volunteers around the space doing odd jobs, from helping with fundraising to legislative work.

Farming seed potatoes in Saranac Lake

Leavitt Farms is located on Route 86 between Gabriels and Saranac Lake, with high, open fields and stunning views of the Adirondacks.  Lenore Leavitt married into a seed potato farming family. She helped the business grow from just a few acres into the many still used today.

Working as an accountant in Saranac Lake

When Fobare’s first husband was finishing up his schooling in Louisiana, she had to work to support them. Even though she didn’t have a high school diploma, she got a job working for a Certified Public Accountant who said he would teach her everything she needed to know. She learned to work as an accountant, […]

Overseeing the Health & Counseling Center at SUNY Plattsburgh

Kathleen Camelo is the Family Practitioner and the Director of the Student Health and Counseling Center at Plattsburgh State; she’s been in the position since 1994, and oversaw the merging of the Health and Counseling departments. Kathleen grew up in the North Country, and here she explains why she got into medicine.

Working at the Plattsburgh Public Library

Anne de la Chapelle is the current director of the Plattsburgh Public Library. She’s worked in a number of different libraries in the North Country, including the Westport Library and the library of Clinton Community College. She became director of the PPL in 2013. Here she talks about what a library’s function is, her love […]

Running Farmhouse Pantry in Saranac

Farmhouse Pantry opened in Saranac on Labor Day of 2015. It’s part farm-to-table, organic café; part coffee shop; and part fresh-off-the-farm grocery store. The folks behind it are Josh and Sarah Vaillancourt, a couple in their thirties who moved to Saranac to start a small farm, and ended up with the farm and a restaurant. […]

Henry Morlock on teaching psychology at SUNY Plattsburgh

Henry Morlock taught psychology at SUNY Plattsburgh from 1965 until his retirement in 1998. He came to SUNY Plattsburgh from a stint studying sleep for the military, right when NYS was rapidly expanding the state school system. He trained rats, developed high school psychology curriculum, and helped develop performance assessments for the university, teaching Psych […]

Running Brown Dog Fiber Arts Studio in Chazy

Heidi Fortsch’s yarn business, Brown Dog Fiber Arts Studio, is her  passion. In 2018, she turned about 500 pounds of raw fiber into about 350 pounds of yarn, all from her 600 square foot apartment in Chazy. It all started back in 2012, when Heidi, a knitter of some years, became dissatisfied with the yarn […]

Owning & operating Maui North in Plattsburgh

Kim and Dennis Manion have owned Maui North, a ski, bike, and board shop in downtown Plattsburgh, since October of 2013. They’re avid outdoorspeople, and Kim says they both have small business in their blood. There are challenges and rewards to working in small-town sports retail, especially when it’s your first retail rodeo. Listen to […]