Type of Work: Retail and Services

The Main Building at Pinehurst Camps

The main house, store and office at Pinehurst, a hotel in Alexandria Bay. Milk, cold cuts, bread, and canned goods were sold from the main house because there weren’t any stores near the hotel at the time. 1950s or 1960s. Alexandria Bay, NY. Courtesey of Bob Vrooman. Listen to Bob Vrooman talk about his time working at […]

Caretaking at Singer Castle in Chippewa Bay

Gerald Heath worked as a caretaker for Singer Castle on Dark Island. During the school year, he lived in Alexandria Bay, and on weekends and summers he lived in the helper’s quarters in the castle’s main house. Doug Heath is 69; he remembers helping his father to do lawn work, raking, and painting starting when […]

Working at Van’s Motor Marina in Alexandria Bay

Steve Keeler’s first job in Alexandria Bay was at his stepfather’s fuel dock, Van’s Motor Marina, where he learned to operate motor boats and rented out boathouses. He and his sister later went on to own that marina for 45 years. He remembers his favorite and least favorite parts of working at the marina over […]

Working first jobs on the river in Alexandria Bay

Fairman “Sampie” Sutton was born in 1934 and grew up in Alexandria Bay. Over the years, he held many jobs, including town supervisor. Sutton says he was influenced by his stepfather, Mr. Hutchinson. He gave Sutton his first official job when he was a teenager. Listen to Sutton’s story here! 

A crowded barbershop in Tupper Lake

A crowded barbershop in Tupper Lake

Barbers helping customers at a barbershop. A large group of customers stands clustered in the background. Note the sink in the back left. There are early electric light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Circa 1930- 1940. Tupper Lake, NY. Photo courtesy of the Goff-Nelson Memorial Library.