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The Trombly family in Modern Mechanical Fab in Champlain

The Trombly family in Modern Mechanical Fab in Champlain

The Trombly family posing inside the offices/work space of Modern Mechanical Fab, a metal fabrication company that builds large metal works in Champlain. From left to right: Brandon Trombly and his child, John Trombly, and Heather. August 2019. Photo courtesy of John and Heather Trombly. You can read and listen to the whole story here, […]

Linda Jackson on the Bartlett Boarding House in Elizabethtown

Lilias Wrisley Bartlett ran a boarding house in her home in Lewis from the late 1930s to the early 1950s.  Lilias did all the cooking and cleaning, while her husband Frank tended the farm. The house is still there today, across from Barber’s Pond in Lewis. Here Linda Jackson, Lilias’ granddaughter, shares her stories of […]

Whitney Jackson on delivering newspapers as a kid in Elizabethtown

Whitney Jackson’s very first gig was delivering newspapers for the Press Republican in Elizabethtown in the 1990s. She inherited the route from her older brother, who started it because their mother decided he needed to learn responsibility. Eventually, the job got passed to the rest of the Jackson siblings – with their parents’ help driving […]

Making Pasta at Deer’s Head Inn in Elizabethtown

Zach Jackson making pasta at Deer’s Head Inn in Elizabethtown

An employee of the Deer’s Head Inn, Zach Jackson, rolling homemade pasta through a machine in the kitchen. 2018. Elizabethtown, NY. Courtesy of Wyatt Jackson. Wyatt Jackson is a cook & manager at the Deer’s Head Inn. Listen to his story at one of our listening stations!